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Are tretinoin and retinol the same?

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What is retinoic acid powder?

Tretinoin is used to make cream or gel, for prescription-strength topical use on usual, It’s used mainly to sun-damaged skin, treat acne, and fine wrinkles. Tretinoin works by irritating the skin, it is able to speed up the life cycle of skin cells, let skin cells to divide faster and die faster. And then the healthier one will take those cell place, which helps to reduce the whiteheads, other acne lesions, and formation of blackheads. It may take several weeks to get effects.retinoic acid powder Bulk-Lyphar

Tretinoin(Vitamin A acid) has a significant effect on various skin diseases such as acne, ichthyosis, pityriasis red hair, and warts vulgaris. Tretinoin(Vitamin A acid) can be used as an adjuvant therapy for psoriasis. It can eliminate fine wrinkles, reduce the roughness of the skin, reduce spots, and make the skin ruddy.

In market, Most anti-acne beauty products contain vitamin A acid, which can accelerate the exfoliation of epidermal keratin and keep the skin dry, thereby curing acne, but it must be prescribed by a doctor.

What’s the difference between tretinoin and retinol? 

Retinol is a natural form of vitamin A, what is available without a prescription, milder and less irritating to sensitive skin

Tretinoin is a synthetic version of vitamin A, which stronger than retinol and it is only available with a prescription, not as well tolerated by sensitive skin.

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