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  • Food and Medical Grade
  • 472-61-7
  • Astaxanthin powder 1%~10% natural and synthectic
  • Dark Red powder
  • 1KG

                  Competitive Price Powder Astaxanthin Raw Material Competitive Price Powder Astaxanthin Raw MaterialBasic Information-立飞生物

Product name:Astaxanthin

Souce:Haematococcus pluvialis / Synthesis


Test method:HPLC/UV

Specification: 1%~10% Powder/Oil

Sample Display-立飞生物astaxanthin supplier-LypharProduct Description-立飞生物

Astaxanthin is a kind of keto carotenoid,which is widely found in the biological world.especially in the feathers of aquatic animals such as shrimps, crabs, fish and birds.

It is a superior antioxidant that improves free radical protection via recycling of other antioxidants (vitamin E, beta carotene, lycopene and glutathione) thereby prolonging their effect.

Application Area-立飞生物

1. Applied in food field, it is mainly used as food additives for pigment and health care.

2. Applied in animal feeds field, it is used as an new animal feed additive to impart coloration, including farm-raised salmon and egg yolks. 

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used to prevent cancer and anti-oxidant.

4. Applied in cosmetic field, it is mainly used to Antioxidant and UV protection. 


1.Astaxanthin can protect your cells from free radicals and oxidative stress.

2.Astaxanthin can can influence your immune system3.Astaxanthin can help to reduce inflammation

3.Astaxanthin can help to protect your skin from ultraviolet damage

4.Astaxanthin can cross the blood-brain barrier and add protection for your brain as well as your body’s organs

5. Astaxanthin can improve your heart health, lower high blood pressure. 

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