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  • Kosher//Halal//ISO//SGS
  • Food and Medical Grade
  • 50%, 98%
  • off-white powder

                Natural Vine Tea Extract DihydromyricetinNatural Vine Tea Extract Dihydromyricetin

Basic Information-立飞生物

Product Name: Dihydromyricetin

Appearance: Off-white to white powder

Specification: 98%,50%

CAS: 27200-12-0

MW: 320.25

Sample Display-立飞生物Dihydromyricetin supplier-lypharProduct Description-立飞生物

Dihydromyricetin is extracted from vine tea naturally. Dihydromyricetin main function is flavonoids, and it's main function is antithrombotic, antioxidants, Tumor, scavenging free radicals, anti-inflammatory and other peculiar effects; In addition to the general characteristics of flavonoids, it also has the ability to relieve fatty liver, alcohol poisoning, prevent alcoholic liver, reducing the incidence of liver cancer,  protecting the liver and hangover and inhibit liver cells. 


1. Vine Tea Dihydromyricetin can prevent the oxidative damage of antioxidase in body caused by the free radical. It can also Clearing the free radical in body and antioxidation and improve the oxidation resistance of the human body.

2. Vine Tea Dihydromyricetin can low the levels of high blood sugar, decrease the damage to liver cells caused by the high blood fat levels and improve the antioxidation ability, and reduce the blood fat levels in the mouse.

3. The vine tea extract can effectively restrain the mouse pinna swelling caused by xylene. 

4. The vine tea extract has the strong inhibitory action of Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, staphylococcus aureus,  penicillium, Bacillus subtilis and Alternaria. 

5. Vine Tea Dihydromyricetin can protecting the Liver, and it can low the total bilirubin in the blood serum, in order to get strong action of lowing the aminotransferase and jaundice. 

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