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Fullerene - new cosmetic raw material

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Fullerene is an allotrope of carbon, which does not exist naturally on the earth and can only be produced artificially.

Fullerene is a black powder. In the processing of skin care products, it often appears in skin care ingredients as water-soluble, oil-soluble or lipid-encapsulated. 

Fullerene has a good affinity for free radicals, achieves strong antioxidant capacity (antioxidant capacity is 172 times of vitamin C), activates skin cells, and has a good effect on preventing skin aging.buy c60 fullerene - Lyphar

As a new material in cosmetic product, it has several advantages:

1. Stability of fullerene c60

The solid three-dimensional cage structure determines its diamond-like stability, without fear of ultraviolet, light, heat, acid and alkali. Vitamin C will fail when exposed to light. Generally, only use skin care products supplemented with vitamin C at night.

2. Oxidation of c60 fullerene

The antioxidant performance is more than 125 times that of vitamin C, and the whitening effect is better than that of vitamin C.

3. Fullerene can effective against free radicals

Fullerene can combine with free radicals to form a fullerene-free radical complex, reduce free radicals, and achieve anti-aging effects..

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