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Copper peptide GHK Cu vs AHK Cu

Generally speaking, copper peptide is the inclusion compound of copper and peptide. It has several forms, including GHK Cu, AHK Cu, (GHK) 2-Cu, (AHK) 2-Cu, Grk Cu, Ark Cu, GRF Cu, AHF Cu and so on. Copper peptide is a natural copper complex of glycosyl-l-histidine-l-lysine peptide. It have many func

2021 06-09
best acid hyaluronic - Lyphar.jpg
Hyaluronic acid: for a healthier skin

Hyaluronic acid is a mucopolysaccharide formed by alternately connecting glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamine as disaccharide units.Hyaluronic acid powder is one of the components of human skin. It is the most widely distributed acid mucous in the human body. It is widely found in connective tiss

2021 06-08
Mogroside extract suppliers- Lyphar.jpg
Mogroside V---A kind of amazing Natural Sweetner

Luo Han Guo sweet (Mogroside V) is a component with high content and sweetness in Luo Han Guo fruit (Monk fruit). It's completely extracted from Monk fruit Pure natural, without any artificial sweeteners. Its sweetness is about 300 times that of sucrose, it is with good water solubility, zero-calor

2021 06-07
best hcl berberine - Lyphar.jpg
Berberine hcl is an important herbal supplement

Berberine hcl is an herbal supplement with thousands of years history in China. It’s been used to treat everything from joint pain to weight loss, and to controlling diabetes in people with insulin insensitivity. Besides the above curative effect, Berberine hcl also can help maintain healthy glucos

2021 06-04
wholesale mecobalamin powder - Lyphar.jpg
Mecobalamin VS methylcobalamin

Many people have never heard of mecobalamin and are very unfamiliar with this term. But if you ask if you know vitamin B12, you will be particularly familiar with it. Yes, methylcobalamin is a type of vitamin B12. So what’s the difference between Mecobalamin and Methylcobalamin? Methylcobalamin and

2021 06-03


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