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Organic germanium's three types

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Organic germanium also called as Ge-132, germanium sesquioxide.

It is a controversial substance in the world. Some people say it is the 21st century salvation germanium to protect human health. Because It is considered as anti-cancer rookies and can clean blood, enhance human immune function, and promote the normal circulation of various cells in human organs. It can also prevent diseases, moisturize the skin and anti-aging.

The research on organic germanium was found out earlier in the former Soviet Union and Japan. In the 1970s, a new theory of organic germanium was put forward and applied to the food industry. Germanium Ge 132 Bulk-Lyphar

Synthetic organic germanium powder

Synthetic organic germanium is hydroxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, namely Ge-132, spirogermanium, furan germanium derivatives and other antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anticancer organic germanium. It is a complex with a wide range of pharmacological effects, but it may cause calcium deficiency if taking too much dosage.

Natural germanium Ge 132

Natural organic germanium is extracted from natural plants it has no toxic or side effects to human.

Biological germanium 132

Bio-organic germanium is the implantation of germanium compounds into organisms, such as yeast, bacteria, large fungi, vegetables, etc.

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