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Our “Summer Vacation”--- Kayaking&GaoGuang Waterfall One Day Tour

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June is coming

Summer has been coming quietly

We need some surprises from the busy work

Put away the pressure 

Come to a wonderful one-day tour!

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Barbecue! watermelon! Aquatic Sports!

It’s the taste of summer!


Mountain is a good place to stay away in the hot summer days. 

Gaoguan is the place! 

It has beautiful scenery, clear water,and cool weather.

Everyone had a fun day.

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Tired of hiking, it’s time to refuel the energy!

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Aquatic Sports

It’s hard to walk on a thin ribbon without good balance ability and physical strength.  You would be dropped into the river accidentally. 

But that's the most funny thing when you walking on this.

Lyphar company


Unpowered "boat" driven by one person, light and flexible

Fashion sports and widely popular with Cambridge, Oxford and so on

A gentleman sport but no shortage of passion

Full of competition but don't chasing the win

It's a sport, also a attitude to the life and work

Very suitable for team activity

Lyphar company

Everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery and got relax from the one-day tour. 

How nice a weekend!

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