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Polyglutamic Acid

  • White Powder
  • 1KG
  • moisturing

China bulk pga polyglutamic acid suppliers

China polyglutamic acid-LypharBasic Information-Lyphar

Product name:  Poly Glutamic Acid(PGA)

Other Name: PGA/Polyglutamic Acid

Assay: Cosmetic Grade HPLC 92%min

           Agricultural Grade HPLC 25%


Appearance: White Powder for cosmetic grade

                     Yellow powder for agricultural grade

Type Molecular weight(Dalton) Assay Grade
Quite High Molecular Weight  ≥2000000 ≥92%


High Molecular Weight(New Type) ≥1000000 ≥92%
High Molecular Weight(Old Type) ≥700000 ≥92%
Low Molecular Weight ≤100000 ≥92%
Quite Low Molecular Weight



Low Molecular Weight

About 10000 ≥25% Agricultural

PGA advantages

· PGA is non-toxic, biodegradable and degradable, and has nutrients to the skin.

· Perfect for all skin conditions and provides lasting moisturizing effect over HA (hyaluronic acid) and collagen

· Only very low concentrations are required, thus reducing costs.

· PGA derivatives have good strength, transparency and elasticity.

  PGA Characteristic 

· Non-toxic to humans and the environment

· Biodegradable and eco-friendly

· Water-soluble, can get odorless clean and transparent solution

· Easy cross-linking to form hydrogel with excellent performance in later stage

· Can be made into sodium, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen type.

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Application field

Product type Biochemical functionality
                                                                           Mainly Application Field
Cosmetics Moisturizer

1.Active component for lasting moisturizing and resistance to dry conditions of human skin.

2.Increasing the elasticity of human skin and keeping it tight and smooth.

3.Inhibiting the formation of melanin remarkably.

4.Keeping pH balance of human skin.

5.Forming a slow-release delivery system and therefore improving the absorption capacity of   nutrients in cosmetics.

6.Enhancing color fastness after hair dying.


Increase the quality and quantity of plants,Soil improvement

Seed coating

Inhibitor, anti-pathogen,

High water absorbent

                                                                                 Other Application
Food industry Thickener/Stabilizer Viscosity enhancement for liquid products

Texture enhancer

Texture improvement for bakery products and noodles

Animal feed supplement

Facilitating minerals absorption, 

improving bone growth, egg-shell strength, and albumin firmness,decreasing body fat


Nutrition supplement

Facilitating calcium absorption,

improving osteoporosis conditions

Water treatment

Heavy metal absorbent Removal of heavy metals and radionuclide

pga polyglutamic acid related products-Lyphar

pga polyglutamic acid related products-Lyphar

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