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  • Fenbendazole, Nitenpyram
  • 99%
  • White powder
  • 1kg
  • Anti fluke and tapeworm medicines

Wholesale Praziquantel materials Powder from china suppliers

Praziquantel price-LypharBasic Information-Lyphar

Product Name: Praziquantel

Specification: 99%

Cas No: 55268-74-1

Appearance: White powder

Molecular formula: C19H24N2O2

EINECS No.:259-559-6

Sample Display-Lypharhot-sale-praziquantel-powder-lypharProduct Description-Lyphar

Praziquantel powder is pharmaceutical raw material. For the treatment of ascariasis, trematodes, etc. The treatment effect is very good. Praziquantel is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines. This is most important medications in a basic health system. At same time this product also can use to animal. Use as veterinary anthelmintic

Application Area-Lyphar

As pharmaceutical raw material. 

Have Broad-spectrum antiparasitic effect. We got the praziquantel powder wholesale price. Support 800kg each month.

As a veterinary raw material. 

it is effective against gastrointestinal nematodes in animals. Can be mixed with feed, use as feed additive.


Praziquantel powder has great effect on schisto somiasis patient. For research says,  this product can destroy the cortex of the body quickly.

Praziquantel powder also can prevents newly hatched insect larvae (worms).

Praziquantel powder Is a very good animal insect repellent, anti-insect medicine. It is extremely toxic to animals and can be quickly absorbed in the digestive tract after consumption.

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