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Saw Palmetto Extract

  • Fatty Acid 25%~45%
  • White Powder
  • 1KG
  • Serenoa repens(bartram)

China cheap Saw Palmetto Extract Powder/Oil manufacturers

提取物-立飞生物Basic Information-Lyphar

Product Name

Saw Palmetto Extract

Appearance White Powder
CAS NO. 84604-15-9
Specification Fatty Acid 25%~45%
Test Method GC
Storage Keep dry and keep away from sunlight

Sample Display-Lyphar实物图组合Product Description-Lyphar

Saw Palmetto Extract powder is made from Serenoa repens(bartram) and β - cyclodextrin as auxiliary material. The Serenoa repens is transformed into powder product by oil wrapping process, which is convenient for preparation and administration. It also have saw palmetto extract oil.

Application Area-Lyphar

Improves urinary tract function

Saw Palmetto Extract powder may improve urinary tract function. It may help resolve urinary tract symptoms caused by BPH 


Decrease inflammation

Saw Palmetto Extract powder may have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial in treating certain conditions. It also can decrease inflammation in some animal studies. 

Improve hair loss

Saw palmetto Extract powder can improve hair loss, because saw palmetto can prevent androgen and DHT from damaging hair follicle,it can balance hormone and combat hair loss.


Saw palmetto extract powder can inhibit the activity of enzyme, cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase. It can also play an anti-inflammatory and anti edematous role. 

Saw Palmetto Extract powder can activate the immune antibody. It can produce three kinds of immune antibodies, LGA, LGG and LGC respectively, in the urinary tract mucosa, forming three protective films.

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