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Silk extract, what do you know?

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Silk extract, there is Silk peptide, Silk Sericin, Fibroin powder(also called silk powder or silk protein powder), and Silk amino acid powder, what are all extracted from silk. Only Silk Fibroin powder have two specification, 2um and 10um.

What’s silk peptide functionSilk extract manufacturer- Lyphar

1. Silk peptide has a good effect on skin wrinkles, dermatitis, itching, and elimination of chloasma.

2. The hair care function of silk peptide is mainly embodied in the absorption and adsorption to the hair, film-forming properties, and moisture-regulating and moisturizing properties.

What’s Silk Sericin powder function

1. Sericin as a raw material for cosmetics and chemical fiber coatings has excellent moisture absorption, moisture retention, air permeability and antimicrobial functions. 

2. Sericin forms a certain strength film on the surface of the hair and can be used as a hair styling agent.

3. Oily foods are excellent natural antioxidants, which are useful for the development of additives to extend the shelf life of dairy foods.

4. Sericin is the main raw material, which is cross-linked by cross-linking agent and coated on chemical fiber, underwear, bedding, skin-friendly products, leather and other products, which can play a silky effect such as skin care, skin-friendly, antibacterial, and comfort.

What’s Silk Fibroin powder function

1. It has a certain preventive effect in preventing and curing various skin diseases caused by dampness or dryness.

2. The combination of silk powder and sunscreen is used in sunscreen products, and the sunscreen effect is better.

3. Silk powder has a unique ability to retain oil, so it is more suitable for oily skin cosmetics.

4. The structural characteristics of silk powder can help reduce the reflected light. When used in cosmetics based on mica powder, it can reduce the reflected light and make it naturally show vivid and soft colors. Compared with talc powder and titanium dioxide, silk powder It has excellent air permeability, and silk powder-containing cosmetics feel smooth after use.

What’s Silk amino acid powder function

1. The silk amino acids glycine and serine are raw materials for protein synthesis in organisms.

2. Silk amino acid participates in the activity of enzymes in the body to achieve the effects of regulating humidity, moisturizing, preventing ultraviolet radiation, inhibiting melanin production, anti-aging and nourishing the skin.

If you need nice water soluble, can choose Silk amino acid powder, Silk peptide, and Silk Fibroin powder.

If you used in skin care product, can choose Silk amino acid powder.

If you used in hair care products, can choose Silk peptide and Silk Fibroin powder. And the difference of Silk peptide and Silk Fibroin powder.

But if you want to produce sunscreen, can choose Silk Fibroin(also called silk powder or silk protein powder), because it is slightly water soluble, can keep water of skin, and reduce reflected light.

If you want to know more details, can send us a inquiry.

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