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What is Nicotinamide ribose (NR)?

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NAD+ plays an important role in anti-aging of the human body. However, as we , the level of NAD+ in the human body is gradually decreasing, leading to the aging of mitochondria, cells and the entire body, and gradually entering a vicious circle, which may be the reason why we get old. Studies in animals and humans have shown that NR can increase the content of NAD+.

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Supplementing NAD+ to maintain the normal functions of cell internal components is the key to inhibiting aging. NAD+ is the only anti-aging substance that has been rigorously scientifically proven to significantly reverse aging and prolong life. However, the molecular weight of NAD+ is too large to be directly absorbed by the body.

From the perspective of supplementing NAD+, the four types of precursors that can supplement the three metabolic cycles of NAD+ are niacin, tryptophan, nicotinamide and NMN/NR. Compared with other supplementary methods of NAD+, NMN and Nicotinamide ribose (NR) powder are the best supplementary methods.

Here in Xi’an Lyphar biotech Co., Ltd, we aim to bring you the complete health top quality Nicotinamide ribose (NR) by using our skills, experience and natural products in an holistic approach. Besides Nicotinamide ribose (NR), we also have Beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide(NMN), NAD+, NADH and the series products for anti-aging, please contact us for more details. 

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