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What sweetener has no effect on glycemic index?

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In Japan, high purity Stevia extract has been approved for use in food and beverage for decades. In the past five years, the world's leading food safety and regulatory agencies have been taking a positive attitude towards the application of Stevia extract in food and beverage, and believe that Stevia extract is a safe sweetener.

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Stevioside is extracted by immersing Stevia extract dry leaves in water, filtering and separating the liquid from leaves and stems, and further purifying it with water or food grade alcohol. Thus, a pure natural and extremely sweet sweetener stevioside without affecting the blood glucose level was obtained.

Stevia extract does not affect blood glucose levels or interfere with insulin. Stevia extract does not contain any calories, which can provide diabetics with more flexible choices in terms of total caloric intake and help to control their weight. Stevia extract can also be used in a variety of foods and beverages. The individual use and level of use may vary from country to country.

Stevioside is the most important component of Stevia extract, which makes it not only has high sweetness and low calorie, but also has certain pharmacological effects. As a traditional Chinese medicine, Stevia extract has the effect of promoting body fluid, relieving thirst and lowering blood pressure.

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Stevia extract has hypoglycemic effect and can be used as an adjuvant treatment for diabetes. On vasodilation, can reduce blood pressure, treatment of hypertension.

Stevia extract can also resist diarrhea, improve immunity, promote metabolism, control obesity, regulate gastric acid and restore nerve fatigue. Steviosides are almost not metabolized in the human body and will not produce too much heat after eating, so they are often used to make sweet food for obese patients.

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