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WS23-super cooling sensation

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What is cooling agent WS-23?

Cooling agent WS-23, chemical name: N,2,3-Trimethyl-2-Isopropylbutamide, its appearance is white crystalline powder, with slight menthol odor, purity is more than 99%.WS-23 Cooling Agent bulk-Lyphar

It has a strong taste of cool, which can last 15-30 minutes and not affect cool product strength under high temperature of 200℃, so using WS-23 as cooling agent is a good choice for baking at high temperature.

The Cooling agent WS-23 manufactured by Xi’An Lyphar biotech Co., Ltd is with top quality and competitive price. It has the following advantages: clear, long-lasting, fresh, non-irritating spicy, no bitter, low dosage. So, WS-23 is widely used in food, beverage, candy, cosmetics, tobacco products, medicine, etc.

Usage instructions of ws-23 powder

Dissolve in alcohol or propylene glycol first, then add aqueous solution.

Or, first dissolve in the flavour, then add the solution in the product.

It is better to mix with peppermint oil, the recommended dosage:

Oral: 0.1%-2%

External use: 0.5%-7%

About the packaging size, MOQ is 1kg per foil bag, bulk packaging size is 25kg per drum.

Better keep in dry cool and sealed place from any contamination.

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