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Lactase's function and application

Lactase is a digestive enzyme that is secreted by the brush border cells of the human small intestinal mucosa. It can decompose the lactose in the diet into glucose and galactose, which are absorbed and utilized by the small intestinal epithelial mucosal cells.

2021 12-07
Kava extract -Lyphar.png
What's Kava extract function?

Kava extract is the dried root extract of the pepper family plant Kava, which has many pharmacological effects such as sedation, hypnosis, antibacterial, analgesic, etc., and is widely used in nutritional supplements and herbal preparations.

2021 12-01
Phycocyanin -Lyphar.png
What is Phycocyanin?

Phycocyanin is a blue powder isolated from spirulina. It is a protein-binding pigment, so it has the same properties as protein, and its isoelectric point is 3.4. Soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol and grease. It is unstable to heat, light and acid. It is stable under weak acidity and neutrality (pH4.5~8), when it is acidic (pH4.2), precipitation will occur, and strong alkali can decolorize.

2021 11-29
Thaumatin 2 -Lyphar.png
The application status of Thaumatin

Thaumatin, also known as African arrowroot sweet, samartin, is a natural sweet protein extracted from arrowroot. The arrowroot is a perennial plant of the arrowroot family. It grows in tropical rain forests near Ivory Coast and Sudan in West Africa.

2021 11-26
Silk extract- Lyphar.png
Silk extract, what do you know?

Silk extract, there is Silk peptide, Silk Sericin , Fibroin powder(also called silk powder or silk protein powder), and Silk amino acid powder, what are all extracted from silk. Only Silk Fibroin powder have two specification, 2um and 10um.

2021 11-24
Phosphatidylserine - Lyphar.png
Healthy brain nutrients - Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine is also called compound nervonic acid, diacylglyceryl phosphoserine, abbreviated as PS. It is the active substance of cell membrane and is related to a series of membrane functions. Especially in the human nervous system, it is one of the important components of the cell membrane of the brain.

2021 11-22


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